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If you have one or more of the following symptoms, please stay home and contact us to reschedule your workshop:

  • cough

  • breathing difficulties

  • fever

  • aches

  • fatigue

  • loss of taste/and/or smell

  • stuffy nose

  • sore throat

  • diarrhea


The 14 minimum rules for publicly accessible games are:


• the company informs consumers, members of staff and third parties in a timely and clearly visible manner of the preventive measures in force and provides appropriate training to members of staff 

• a distance of 1.5 m is guaranteed between each person; 

• consumers are welcomed for a maximum of 30 minutes but the visit can last longer if the company or association only operates by appointment; 

• one consumer is allowed per 10 m. of the surface accessible to the public; 

• if the area accessible to the public is less than 20 m, it is authorized to accommodate 2 consumers at the same time, provided that a distance of 1.5 m is guaranteed between each person;_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

• if the area accessible to the public is greater than 400 m, adequate access control must be provided. For more information, see the specific question on access controls ; 

• covering the mouth and nose with a mask is mandatory in spaces accessible to the public in the company or association. If the rules of social distancing cannot be respected due to the nature of the activity carried out, other means of personal protection are strongly recommended ; 

• the activity must, where applicable in accordance with the instructions of the competent authority, be organized in such a way that gatherings are avoided and that the rules of social distancing can be respected, in particular with regard to persons waiting outside the establishment; 

• the company or association provides staff and customers with the products necessary for hand hygiene; 

• the company or association takes the necessary hygiene measures to regularly disinfect the workplace and the equipment used; 

• the company or association ensures good ventilation; 

• a contact person is designated and made public so that customers and staff members can report possible contamination by the COVID-19 coronavirus in order to facilitate contact tracing; 

Isabelle Durieux - - 0496/05.29.11

• the terraces and public spaces are organized in accordance with the prescriptions issued by the municipal authorities and in compliance with the same rules as inside; 

• shopping is done alone, with the exception of minors in one's own household or people in need of assistance who may be accompanied by an adult. There is also an exception for visits by appointment. 

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